About Us

We are an innovation company made up of a team of multidisciplinary professionals who strive to give scientific and technologic solutions to our clients in different industries, acting as a fundamental and strategic ally.
Gabriela Rodriguez
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Ana José Cóbar
R&D&I Project Manager
Javiera Espinosa
Art Director
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Estefi Ulzurrún
Product Manager
Gerardo Illanes
Software Engineer
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Felipe Reyes
Agricultural Engineer
Gonzalo Farías
Doctor in Artificial Intelligence
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Roxana Trujillo
Aerospace Scientist Engineer
Valeria Osorio
Administration and Accounting
Our Mission

To offer innovative and efficient solutions to companies that bet to the digital revolution. Our goal is the application of Artificial Intelligence that allow us to generate high value knowledge for strategic decision making.

Our Vision

We want to be recognized worldwide as referents in the transformation of the new intelligent industry, as a company that leads with technological and social changes, committed to the problems of our customers, in search of integral solutions that allow collaboration between companies, and generate synergies that provides high-value solutions.


We are committed to protecting the environment which is why we have established several non-profit initiatives aimed at preserving the natural resources of the communities where we live and operate.

Hotel Network for Bees

We all know about the importance of bees in our ecosystem, but not everyone knows that 90% of them are solitary.

ViveBee aims to protect and monitor them, to ensure their survival, through a “Hotel System” where hundreds of volunteers will “host” these bees and report their “occupation” to “the central office”, in this way we will obtain a real-time view of the population of solitary bees in different Geographical points.
Providing valuable data to scientists and entities for research, helping to make strategic decisions for their conservation and in turn, ensuring ours.


Committed to environment care, and knowing the importance of waste reduction, we have a paperless policy and addition we have spent a year developed a recycling culture of cardboard, tetrapacks, cans, plastics and glass.

At our offices we implemented containers for this waste taking them to clean points so they can be recycled.
We have recycled more than 100 kilos of waste to date.


At Smartdici we wanted to go further with recycling and we enrolled in the organic recycling program the city of Providencia, earning us a kit of vermiculture.
As its name indicates we use californian red worms, which transforms organic waste in to organic fertilizer.
• Natural process using worms
• Quick process
• Does not generate bad odors
• Does not attract animals

This organic fertilizer is use in our garden or is taken for the home gardens.